Our broths and sauces are made with time, knowledge and pure natural ingredients.


tasty, healthy and nutritious slow cooked stock, cooked with fresh vegetables.

Packed to 1000ml in aseptic carton.

Demi Glace

slow cooked stock, reduced and filtered. all natural ingredients, no additives.

Packed to 1000ml in aseptic carton.


SALSUS goes East with a new line of Ramen stocks, ready to use! Made from meaty bones, vegetables, spices and Japanese inspired ingredients. Our recipes are created in collaboration with Chef Inage-san. No MSG, no GMO. Ready to use, just add your garnishes!

Packed to 1000ml in aseptic carton.

Ready sauce

round and rich tasteful sauce ready for serving, cooked on fresh stock and natural ingredients. no additives

Packed to 1000ml in aseptic carton.

Home chef

Our tasty range for home cooking comes in several varieties. Slow cooked stocks perfect for stews, soups and sauces, or as a hot drink. The fonds and sauces gives the best starting point for an exciting dining experience and a successful result.

Stocks packed to 500ml, fonds and sauces to 250ml, all in aseptic cartons.